“It was an evening full of of emotions and wonderful memories, it was great to see so many of the familiar faces there, specially those we haven’t seen in a while, but we all had something in common: our admiration for the many great women who made this tiny organization such a success story, specially our gratitude to Lilian for all the hard years of dedication to make this dream come true. Gracias Lilian, en nombre propio y de todas las que hemos pasado por MUJER y aprendimos tanto de ti!”  Sayonara Mairena, Past Board Member, MUJER AGM 2013


 “I have been with MUJER since May 2012. I started as a placement student,  then I moved on to be a volunteer and then I started being part of the board members in September 2012 until now. I have learned many things and I have had the opportunity to gain new skills as I have been given the opportunity to run workshops, complete the manual for employees and volunteers and now being part of a working committee on the Board of Directors.  Working for MUJER has being a fantastic experience.” Mery Blanco, MUJER Board Member, 2012



“I would come back next year because I love this camp, the people, the positive environment and fun. Everyone is so nice and we get to do cool stuff. I get to use art to express myself and I like that.”  14 year old Participant, MUJER Summer Camp, 2013


“ MUJER’s work with the Anti-Bullying “Your Voice Counts” campaign has been a valuable resource along this journey and is an important example of how we can engage Latina youth and be responsive to their realities and needs. I believe that the work that MUJER does is absolutely necessary and sets a great example of the type of initiatives that can begin to close some of the opportunity gaps that exist for our young people.”  Ramon San Vicente, Instructional Leader, TDSB



“Participating in “Tu voz es tu fortaleza” workshop has been a very interesting experience. Personally, I am very grateful to MUJER for the support and motivation they bring to the community. It’s amazing to be able to have organizations that promote people’s growth, specially of Latin American women, helping us moving forward, reminding us of our value as human beings,  and for always encouraging us towards a positive and entrepreneurial attitude. I am excited to be part of this women who are proud of their roots and interested in supporting each other.”  (Translated from Spanish) Leslie R, Participant, Tu Voz es Tu Fortaleza, 2012




“Participating in the ‘Tu Voz, Tu Fortaleza’ workshop series allowed me to get to know all these resourceful gals who are full of joy and generosity.  Their warm hearts and laughter made a transcontinental unity; and spite of coming from diverse situations in life, nevertheless, we felt equal and we could relate to the dreams and worries of each other.  Receiving workshops from Latin American professionals and talking in our own language made a very good foundation to improve our lives.  I really APPRECIATE MUJER for making Tu voz, tu Fortaleza possible.” Silvia Leon, Participant and Volunteer, Tu Voz es Tu Fortaleza, 2012


“I just wanted to say that being part of Tuesday’s focus group was an honor and quite an experience. It was well organized and your hard work before the meeting to prepare for it really showed. You guys did an awesome job and I honored to have been part of such an important study. I am really proud of you guys.” Focus Group Participant, Understanding Sexual Violence, Working Towards a Community Solution, 2013




“My experience working on the videos was very therapeutic. I felt that as the shoot went on, I came to realize how far I had come from the girl that used to hide behind a smile, to the girl that is proud of herself and is open. And I believe it was the best part; especially when letting go of the last cue card because you get a sense of accomplishment, and you know that you have overcome something, and now that story can help many other youths who are going through similar situations.” Stephanie, 18, Your Voice Counts, Tu Voz Cuenta, Media Campaign, 2012




“MUJER is an amazing organization in Toronto with a focus to empower young Latin American Women. Latino youth are among Toronto’s highest percentage demographic who are dropping out of school and this is quite alarming. Latino Youth often feel marginalized from other youth activities due to such factors as language barriers, race and financial difficulties. But with MUJER, they do not have to worry about any of these issues. MUJER develops educational trainings, seminars, forums and public presentations and they are not only providing Latin American youth with a sense of empowerment, but giving them the tools and skills they need to succeed outside in the real world.”  Sigrid Velis, Associate Producer and Administrator, Alameda Theatre Company, 2012